GIFAS Program : Industry of the future !

GIFAS Program : 

Industry of the future !


Last week was marked by several meetings within the framework of the GIFAS program – (Group of French Aeronautical and Space Industries)

Our teams first went to Serre Mécanique in Valence where they were able to meet other industrial colleagues. A day of exchange and sharing to move forward together towards the industry of the future.

Following on from this meeting, on Friday November 26th, we received three service providers offering M.E.S.

This real-time workshop management system is a fundamental component of Industry 4.0. It contributes to the increase of production capacities by supervising and controlling industrial activities. The functionalities of the M.E.S. include planning, monitoring and tracking of manufacturing times, labor, machinery and physical flows.

One more step towards the Industry of the FUTURE!

SAVOIE RECTIFICATION - Ultra precision for safety.

Réunion GIFAS Savoie Rectification
Réunion GIFAS